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Ondine Chattan, XYZin Winemaker

Ondine Chattan

"For me, winemaking is inextricably linked to the vineyard. And the critical elements of fruit character and vineyard expression are inseparable from the history of culture of those who planted the vines. XYZin celebrates the tradition, distinction and innovation of the uniquely American grape that is Zinfandel."

Ondine Chattan, XYZin Winemaker Signature

Ondine has over a decade of winemaking experience with a constant focus, and passion for, Zinfandel. Her interest in nature and science began at an early age when she explored the marshlands near her home, studying insects and flowering plants. Her curiosity for science grew over time into a love of biology and chemistry, which produced a Master’s in Enology. What better career than wine-making, a profession that marries the fundamentals of science with the beauty and art of nature.

Ondine believes that the history of a vineyard is as much a part of terroir as climate, soil, clones and the physical age of the vine. Using traditional winemaking techniques but always striving for the new, she endeavors to produce wines that are a tribute to their vineyard, yet an elegant expression of the Zinfandel grape.