Old Vine Zin

10 Year Old Zinfandel VineOur celebration of the many facts of the Zinfandel varietal leads us to discover some of the vineyard gems of California.

XYZin 2011 Old Vine Zin

Sonoma is the real stronghold of high quality Zinfandel in California and our vineyard sources range from valley floor to hillside locations.

The various elevations contribute layers of complexity to the final blend and showcase the versatility and chameleon-like qualities of this special grape.

Nearly all of the vineyards used in this blend are trained to traditional trellis systems allowing for a narrow fruiting zone and good exposure of the fruit to the sunlight and wind, both of which help us to gain maturity.

Vital Statistics for Old Vine Zin

  • Grape Varieties - 91% Zinfandel with Petite Sirah, Tannat, and Syrah as balance
  • Appellation - California
  • Cases Produced – 5,360 cases (9L)
  • Release Date – March, 2013
  • Alcohol - 14.5%
  • pH - 3.58
  • TA – 6.3g/L