50 Year Old Vines

50 Year Old Zinfandel VineXYZin 50 comes from vines that were at last 50 years of age at the time of harvest, meaning that they were planted before the mid-1950’s. The post-war era was a time of great innovation in the United States.

XYZin 2008 Zinfandel
50 Year Old Vines, Russian River Valley

A sense of country, progress, and efficiency was palpable among Americans, and this was especially true in agriculture.However, despite the rapid pace of innovation in large-scale commercial farming that marked the era, a countervailing trend also made its mark in the history of Zinfandel.

A Blend of Traditional & Modern Growing Techniques

After the restless war years, many family farmers returned to the pastoral lives they had left behind and set out to build family businesses, or return to those from which they had been displaced. Traditional farming retained a particularly loyal following among grape growers, and many continued to farm their ranches as their parents and grandparents had done.

Fifty year old vines show a delightful blend of traditional and ‘modern’ growing techniques. Many old clones still thrive from this time period alongside newer, ‘bred’ clones. XYZin 50 shows the best of the new and old. This wine gives a nod to tradition, while turning an eye toward the future. XYZin 50 exhibits bright fruit balanced by an elegant weight, elusive spice, confident regional character and stylish oak.

XYZin 50 Profile

The Russian River Valley is home to many well-established, traditionally-farmed Zinfandel vineyards many of which were planted in the 1950's. A select few are represented in this bottling.  The cool breezes and foggy mornings in the region enhance the spice elements inherent in the Zinfandel grape resulting in wines that display attractive racy fruit with a refined, exotic spice dimension.

XYZin 50 offers beautiful briar and pomegranate fruit at its core followed by waves of sandalwood, mocha, and a light whiff of pepper on the finish.  The refined structure and polished spice are perfected through aging in French oak barrels and make the wine versatile enough to complement a variety of dishes. 

XYZin 50 Food Pairings

Enjoy XYZin 50 with ginger-scented Thai curries, classic Brasserie fare, and glazed or braised meats.  The wine will cellar elegantly but will be best enjoyed over the next 2 to 4 years.

Vital Statistics

  • Grape Varieties - 100% Zinfandel
  • Minimum Vine Age - 50 Years
  • Appellation – Russian River Valley
  • Cases Produced - 1,000 (9L)
  • Maturation – 15 mo. in French Oak
  • Release Date - Spring 2010
  • Alcohol - 14.2%
  • pH  - 3.70
  • TA - 6.3g/L