100 Year Old Vines

100 Year Old Zinfandel VineOf the thousands of acres planted to Zinfandel in California, less than one percent is more than a century old. While these ancient vines struggle to produce a small crop, they yield wines of such complexity and mystery that they have established the authority of "Old Vine" Zinfandel.

XYZin 2007 Zinfandel,
100 Year Old Vines, Dry Creek Valley

Most 100-year-old vines are head-trained, which creates a free-form canopy of leaves across the fruiting zone. This permits just the right amount of sunlight to touch the surface of the fruit, promoting slower, more even ripening of the grapes.

Along with their gnarly trunks and twisted arms, another hallmark of these ancient vines is their extensive root systems that reach deep in to the earth. These lifelines absorb rich soil characteristics and transport them to the fruit, imparting distinct graphite and mineral traits. You can literally taste the earth.



Concentration, complexity and depth of flavor are what distinguish XYZin 100 from our other efforts. Lovely cola nut and dark cherry fruit flavors are followed by strawberry jam and cappuccino. Firm, zesty acidity provides vibrancy and longevity and mingles with pleasing earthy accents of slate and chaparral. Aging in a blend of French, American and Eastern European oak imparts a sophisticated array of textures to complement the extensive depth and range of flavors present in the fruit.

Vital Statistics

  • Grape Varieties - 100% Zinfandel
  • Minimum Vine Age - 100 Years
  • Appellation - Dry Creek Valley
  • Cases Produced – 485  cases (9L)
  • Maturation – 15 months is American and French Oak
  • Release Date – Fall 2008
  • Alcohol - 14.3%
  • pH  - 3.50
  • TA - 6.7g/L